ALLIED SOLAR ENERGY (ASE), a division of AES, was created with the singular purpose of providing our clients with one-stop shopping when it comes to designing, installing and operating modern, proven photo-voltaic solar systems.


Allied Energy Services' (AES) works with our utility and end-user clients to meet their future energy needs on both the energy supply side and demand side of the meter. For our utility clients, AES works to build new generation capacity, whether it be baseload, intermediate, peaking, or renewable generation facilities. For our end-user clients, AES works to build energy generation projects including co-generation, biomass and solar projects. As the developer, we assemble and direct a team of skilled professionals in areas of permitting, design engineering, construction and plant operations and maintenance.


AES developed biomass projects with three paper mills in the southeast.  These projects included the conceptual design based on the electric and high-pressure steam requirements at the sites.

Coal-Fired Generation

AES served as the project developer for Power4Georgians, a six 6 member consortium of Electric Membership Cooperatives in Georgia, for an 850 MW advanced coal-fired power generation facility.

Waste to Energy

AES is developing a municipal solid waste (MSW) to produce diesel fuel and renewable pellets project

Combined Cycle

AES developed a 80 MW natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant in the Bronx, NY.

Combined Heat and Power

AES developed cogeneration projects at numerous sites for a Fortune 500 company in California.  These systems consist of natural gas powered reciprocating engines that produce both electrical and thermal energy and are being coupled with absorption chillers to provide space cooling.

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