AES is developing a municipal solid waste (MSW) to produce diesel fuel and renewable pellets project with the City of Augusta, GA. AES researched numerous waste to energy technology companies to select the best technology for the project. AES assembled and oversaw a team of professionals in engineering, real estate, business, law, and government and community relations.




AES developed MSW to energy project with the city of Augusta, GA. The project takes 175,000 tons per year of MSW and converts it to XX, XXX gallons of diesel fuel and 35,000 tons per year of pellets per year. The project utilizes technology from Greece that dries the MSW, sorts the MSW, converts the MSW to high-density polyethylene pellets. The pellets are used to produce diesel fuel and the leftover pellets are sold to furniture, construction materials, and other product manufacturers. 

Corporate Headquarters:
1506 Klondike Rd SW, Suite 105

Conyers, GA 30094

United States

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