Based on our in-depth knowledge and experience within the energy industry, we help our clients develop and implement strategies to help manage and control their energy purchases, usage and costs. 

AES has a deep understanding and appreciation of how and why energy is used in all types of structures, systems and processes.  Our team of energy experts can assess and analyze, specific utility rates and energy usage in your commercial, institutional or industrial facility and recommend solutions that optimize their use.

Our team at AES has over 100 years of experience in energy/utility rate audits and determining efficiency opportunities. In addition to identifying and quantify specific opportunities, Allied can assist in the full implementation of these measures.


12 Story High Rise

Allied was called in by the owner of a 125,00 ft^2 high rise is Georgia. The owner was experiencing a significant increase in their energy consumption and cost. Allied conducted a detailed utility rate, usage analysis and energy audit. The objective was to determine what was causing the increase and demine the on-going solutions to reduce energy & maintenance operating cost. 

It was determined that the 600 kW electric boiler was being allowed to operate simultaneously with the chiller during summer peak periods. This operation created an artificial summer peak demand increase electric cost for the remainder of the year. 

Allied recommended a energy management system to restrict this operation and to notify management when peak demand was being reached. In addition, Allied recommended a complete retrofit of the clients lighting system to a new high efficient LED lighting system. Allied Energy Lighting provided the turn-key service. The customer has saved over $180,000 annually.

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Engineering Plans

Energy Audit-Chemical Company

The Columbian Chemicals Company occupies a facility located at 1800 West Oak Commons in Marietta, GA. The facility is a 98,000 square foot building built in 1998. The facility is composed of approximately 65,660 square feet of office space and 32,240 square feet of laboratories. 

Recommendations included incandescent to fluorescent conversions, motion sensor controlled lighting systems,  rooftop units fan variable speed drives and laboratory ventilation runaround system.

Energy Analysis-Devereux Center

A detailed energy analysis was conducted on The Devereux Center juvenile treatment center located in Kennesaw, Georgia. The campus consists of 19 buildings with a total area of 220,344 square feet. Recommendations included fluorescent to fluorescent conversions, incandescent to fluorescent conversions, and exit sign conversions. 

In addition, the following non-lighting recommendations were made; water heater pipe insulation, programmable thermostats, HVAC system standardization, repair gymnasium ventilation return louvres, relocate some thermostats, replace gymnasium packaged furnace, HVAC preventative maintenance and pool solar water heating.

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