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Allied Energy Services' (AES) mission is to serve our utility and end user clients meet their future energy needs on both the supply side and demand side of the energy equation.  AES is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  Beginning in 1977, our team of energy professionals has seen the energy industry evolve through many historic phases. We have developed a great working knowledge, appreciation, respect and understanding of the energy industry for both our utility clients and our end user clients.

​For our utility clients, AES works to build new generation capacity, whether it be baseload, intermediate, peaking, or renewable generation facilities. As the energy developer, we assembled and directed a team of skilled professionals in areas of load forecasting, capacity planning, site selection, land acquisition, permitting, regulatory and environmental law, community and public relations, design engineering, procurement, construction, and operations and maintenance.

For our end user clients, AES works on both the supply side and demand side of their operation.  On the supply side, AES works with end users to develop, permit, finance and build energy projects including waste-to-energy,cogeneration, biomass and solar projects.  As the energy developer, we assemble and direct a team of skilled professionals in areas of permitting, design engineering, construction and plant operations and maintenance. On the demand side, AES works with end users to develop energy efficiency opportunities.  AES performs energy evaluations of the end users site and develops energy efficiency and demand side management projects.  AES also implements/builds the retrofit options such as LED lighting conversions, fuel switching and efficiency technologies for heating, air conditioning and process thermal loads.  

Corporate Headquarters:
1506 Klondike Rd SW, Suite 105

Conyers, GA 30094

United States

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